We are delighted to announce that we have secured funding and
   ethical approval (in France) for a follow-up study at 2 years corrected age of
   children included in the TREOCAPA trial. We are currently working
   hard to implement all technical aspects of the study which will
   involve an online questionnaire for parents. More details including
   a detailed information page on this website will follow soon!
Many thanks to all for all your hard work!

Welcome to Italy ! Our first site in Italy, Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria in Ancona, is open for recruitment. A total of two centres will be opened for the treocapa study in Italy, the second one is in Rome !

2023-08-01: Overview of open and close sites

2023-02-01 : Overview of open site

2023-02-01: Extension of the inclusion period

The amendment to extend the inclusion period of the Treocapa study is currently being submitted in all partner countries. The inclusion period was originally planned to end at the end of February 2023 (28 months of inclusion) and will be extended to April 2024 (42 months in total).

2023-01-13 : We have now included 400 patients in TREOCAPA!
Thank you to everyone for your participation.

2022-07-13: Our first site in Greece opened today: the Papageorgiou General Hospital in Tessaloniki. Welcome to the TREOCAPA trial!

2022-05-22: We have now included 200 patients in TREOCAPA! Thank you to everyone for your participation.